Frequently Asked Questions

Excuse me, what exactly is a ‘soapenir’?
It is what happens when you combine a luxurious soap with a souvenir that reminds you of all your special memories. Soap + souvenir = ‘Soapenir’!

Ah okay, so it is an actual soap?
It is, and a really, really good one! All of our Soapenirs are organic and made from 100% raw natural materials. They have been made to the highest quality and will leave your skin as soft as velvet. They can also transform dry skin and even help fight the effects of ageing thanks to their main ingredient, Shea Butter. This skin ‘super-food’ actually hydrates and moisturises your body, leaving you feeling fresh and looking fabulous.

Does it have a nice smell?
One that will delight your nose! Each of our Soapenirs comes with their own unique scent. The Burj Khalifa Tower Soapenir has a fresh lavender fragrance that will make you feel like you are walking in a summer meadow. Future scents will include Oud and Rose.

Does it come in shapes other than the Burj Khalifa?
Our first Shower Tower to be completed is the Burj Khalifa, but we have many more iconic landmarks currently in development. If you would like to sign up to be kept updated on when they will be available please click here.

Where can I find it?
The Shower Tower Soapenir is available for purchase here.

Can I buy it online?
You can purchase the Shower Tower online at Early Bird Supermarket (and check out their great range of products!).

Is it suitable for my face or just my body?
You can use it anywhere! Because our Shower Towers are made with all natural ingredients it is gentle enough to use on your body and your face, no matter your skin type. Our key ingredient, Shea Butter, will deeply moisturize your skin and leave it soft and smooth.

What gave you the idea?
It was a mixture of things really. I wanted to create something that would capture the beautiful memories of this incredible place in a luxurious and special gift. But it was also important to me that the soap itself be of the highest quality; the humid climate of Dubai inspired me to create a soap that was good enough to leave your skin fresh and hydrated, ready to face the day!

It looks like a great idea, my city has an amazing tower – can you make one of that? If we had our way every amazing landmark in the world would have its own ‘Shower Tower’! Currently we are only working on iconic towers in Dubai, but we have big plans and big dreams! Get in touch and tell us your wish and we will see what we can do…

Is there an opportunity to franchise the brand?
We created The Shower Tower Company to commemorate the iconic buildings of Dubai and capture the memories of the people who love this fabulous city. Lots of people have already been in touch to tell us they would like to do the same in their city. We would be delighted to discuss the options for this with you, we love new ideas and we love working with new people! Get in touch and let’s start the conversation!

Do you do them as Corporate Gifts?
Of course! As a unique and luxurious gift, our Shower Towers make the perfect corporate gift. We can even offer customised versions, perhaps your head office immortalised in soap or your brand alongside a visionary landmark of the UAE? Get in touch to find out more about the endless possibilities for luxury soap gifting; original and distinctive, just like your brand.


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