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Jun. 30th, 2017
EQUITY #SUPPORTLOCAL: Discover this startup's journey

equity 2017

Jun. 23rd, 2017
BrideClubME BCME’s Wedding Favour Ideas for UAE Based Couples

The giving of wedding favours to guests celebrating your big day is steeped in history. The tradition is believed to have begun in sixteenth-century France, when the aristocracy would present guests with jewel-encrusted boxes containing sugared almonds or sweets. Back in the day, sugar was thought to be beneficial to one’s health, and the bitterness of the almonds and sweetness of the sugar were thought to represent the bittersweet reality of marriage!


Thankfully, the items with which we can now say thanks to our guests have now changed somewhat, but this does not mean that deciding upon your wedding favours has become any less stressful. In fact, the range of choice and extra expense can often mean that selecting your wedding favours can be quite frustrating.


Below, we showcase some of our vendors who provide wedding favours for couples in the UAE. We hope that this gives you some unique ideas that all of your guests can enjoy.


The Shower Tower Company

The Shower Tower Company produces luxurious ‘soapenirs’ that are perfect for your wedding gifting needs. These gorgeous iconic emblems of Dubai are not only a sumptuous gift for your loved ones, but are perfect for those guests who have travelled from abroad and are looking for a reminder of the UAE.


The sweet-smelling Shower Tower ‘Soapenir’ not only looks amazing, but is made from natural ingredients that will work into a soft lavish lavender lather that will leave your guest’s skin softer than velvet. Made from the highest quality soap with lots of Shea Butter and true perfume oil, it will evoke happy memories of your big day and also ensure that your guests’ skin is super soft after each use.

Jun. 19th, 2017
Al Mar'a

Al Mar'a

Jun. 10th, 2017
The National Old fashioned Values

The National

Jun. 9th, 2017
The National Online Money & Me: Old fashioned values on finance Link
Jun. 9th, 2017
Khaleej Times - WKND There is never enough time to do all the good stuff

Khaleej Times

Jun. 9th, 2017
Khaleej Times Online 'There is never enough time to do all the good stuff' Link
Jun. 9th, 2017
InBusiness Money & Me: Old fashioned values on finance


Jun. 8th, 2017
City Times Tête-à-Tête Creative Weekends

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Jun. 3rd, 2017
Beautyneverdates The Shower Tower SOAPENIR, contains a skin superfood ingredient to protect your skin during summer

During the hot summer months your skin changes and can suffer from many conditions caused by the weather change. The world’s first SOAPENIR from The Shower Tower Company is made from 100% natural ingredients, including organic Shea butter, which is a skin superfood and will feed your skin with the necessary vitamins to keep it soft and smooth all summer long.

Shea butter is a superfood that comes from the seeds of the Shea tree. In its raw form, Shea butter is high in vitamin A, E and F, all of which have great skin benefits; Vitamin A encourages healthy cell production, Vitamin E blocks free radicals from damaging the skin and supports with anti-aging, whilst Vitamin F works to keep skin young and supple. Shea butter also contains a natural UV protection against sun damage and harmful rays. Applying Shea butter daily to your skin will provide the cells with natural fatty acids that are essential for collagen production. Shea butter also soothes irritated skin, reduces inflammation, and will hydrate severally dehydrated skin.

The Shower Tower SOAPENIR is made from 100% natural Shea butter, making it the perfect product to feed your skin daily in the shower or the tub. So it’s time to butter up and feed your skin with this superfood! This key ingredient is what makes our soap so soapy, offering a rich lather that you can feel coating and protecting your skin. After your shower, your skin will feel so nourished that additional moisturising can be skipped!

Jun. 2nd, 2017
Khaleej Times - WKND Shea butter magic

Khaleej Times WKND

Jun. 2nd, 2017
THE FILIPINO TIMES There's no better Ramadan gift than this


Jun. 2nd, 2017
Beauty Polis Arabia The soap that has super food powers Link
Jun. 1st, 2017

Stylist Arabia June 2017

May. 30th, 2017


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The Shower Tower Company’s Burj Khalifa shaped soap is the perfect gift.


Looking for an affordable but unique gift idea for loved ones?  Check out The Shower Tower Company, the world’s first Soapenir range. A Soapenir is a souvenir made of luxury soap that contains organic Shea butter and 100% natural ingredients. The Shower Tower offers the perfect Dubai tribute, whilst still being a functional product, making it a great gift.

The soaps contain 100% natural raw ingredients, including a high percentage of Shea butter which is a superfood for your skin. Shea butter is rich in vitamin A and E and contains the necessary nutrients which feeds your skin to produce collagen naturally. If you are short on time during your daily showering routine, using a Shower Tower means you can skip moisturising your skin post showering due to the hydrating effects of Shea butter.

Each Shower Tower is scented with 100% pure perfume oils made in Switzerland. Currently, the scent that is available is Lavender which offers further skin and body benefits such as, relief from muscle and joint pain, acne treatment and aiding in sleeping.

May. 29th, 2017
TimeOut Dubai Luxury Burj Khalifa soap launches

The Shower Tower is both a gift and a handy personal hygiene product.


This Burj Khalifa luxury soap bar is possibly the best gift we’ve seen advertised so far this month. 


Created by The Shower Tower Company (the name says it all), the Shower Tower is made of organic shea butter and entirely natural ingredients. The best bit is it’s categorised as a “soapenir”. Yes, that is a cross between soap and a souvenir. 


Beyond the fact its shape pays homage to Dubai’s best-known landmark, the… “soapenir” is rich in vitamins A and E, which means you can skip post-shower moisturising, because of all the shea goodness, according to The Shower Tower Company.

May. 25th, 2017
Dubai Week Win: The Burj Khalifa made of soap

Looking for the ultimate gift for loved ones this Ramadan? We’ve found the perfect one, and it’s shaped like the Burj Khalifa!


The Shower Tower Company has created the world’s first ‘Soapenir’ range – a souvenir made of luxury soap. And paying tribute to Dubai’s most iconic landmark, it has created a beautifully scented Burj Khalifa-shaped soap.


 We’re giving three readers the chance to win a pair of Burj Khalifa soaps!

The soaps contain 100% natural raw ingredients, including a high percentage of organic Shea butter, which is a superfood for your skin. So if you’re short on time, using a Shower Tower means you can skip moisturising your skin post showering due to the hydrating effects of Shea butter.

May. 8th, 2017
Discover Dubai 7 Unique Gifts To Take Home From Dubai

2. The Burj Khalifa soap


Dhs 95, The Shower Tower Company

Perfect as a souvenir, the 'soapenir' pays tribute to the iconic tower. The lather will keep your skin smoothe, while the lavender scent leaves you smelling fresh.


the shower tower

Apr. 28th, 2017
Terrill Tarver The Shower Tower Soap Product Review

Apr. 23rd, 2017
Bride Club ME Get to Know the Wedding Pro: The Shower Tower Company

Each week, we shine the spotlight on Bride Club ME vendor club members, allowing you, our reader, to get up close and personal with some of the best wedding vendors in town. Here, you can learn more about the people behind some of the businesses you may be using to make your wedding day perfect!


This week we have the privilege of showcasing Astrid Ellis, Founder and Owner of The Shower Tower Company. Below, Astrid provides us with an exclusive insight into her company, tells us all about why she works in this industry, and shares with us why her luxurious Soapenirs are the most unique wedding favours in town.


How long has The Shower Tower Company been established and what is your business all about?

The Shower Tower Company was established in 2016. We are all about celebrating and sharing iconic memories. As Dubai’s first ever SOAPENIR, we pay tribute to the visionary towers and fascinating buildings of Dubai to bring back your special memories of your wonderful UAE experience.

This unique memento, made with all natural ingredients, will give you a luxury shower experience and leave your skin as smooth as velvet, allowing you to shine like the Burj Khalifa twinkles at night…


What made you decide to work in the beauty industry, and more specifically, to design your own range of products?

I have always been very interested in cosmetics and beauty products. The more I move on in my life the more aware I become about anti-aging.  One day I was walking by the souvenir section at the airport. I used to be a frequent flyer for many years. I looked at the souvenirs and felt a very strong desire to create something unique and luxurious that would reflect this outstanding city with all its vision, beauty and tradition. Coming up with a soap involved combining all of my different passions (cosmetics, building businesses and my passion for this city and its people) into one. The SOAPENIR was born.


What do you love most about your job?

I love being creative and developing ideas. Having said that, I don’t like to be sat down in an office all day long. I like to be out and about, embracing our wonderful city from all its different angles. There is so much to see and all these great people that need to be met – I truly love this city.


Tell us about some of your products…

This sweet-smelling Shower Tower ‘Soapenir’ is a tribute to one of Dubai’s most iconic creations. Its natural ingredients work into a soft lavender lather that will leave your skin softer than velvet and your head buzzing with memories.


Our Shower Towers are all about #memorableluxury. They are made with the highest quality soap and by the finest soap manufacturer in Austria, who have been crafting soap since the 1800s. These luxury Soapenirs will not only evoke happy memories but will also give you baby-soft skin!


One of the key ingredients in our Shower Towers is Shea Butter. This is what makes our soap so, well, ‘soapy’ (and great). It creates a rich lather that leaves your skin so soft, you won’t even have to moisturise!


Describe how couples can make use of The Shower Tower Company for their wedding…

Our luxurious Soapenirs are also available for your wedding gifting needs.

 You can align your unique event with the iconic emblems of Dubai whilst celebrating your wedding with your loved ones, all in one luxury gift. We understand how important this wedding is for you. Finding original ways to surprise and gift your family and friends with something that captures this very special moment is not easy. That is why, at The Shower Tower Company, we believe in the benefits of being able to offer a truly thoughtful gift, personalised to your wedding.


What budgets do you cater for?

Our Shower Towers are the highest quality and are made with perfume oil, therefore we consider our Soapenirs as luxurious gifts.


Lastly, why did you choose to list with

Bride Club is a wonderful platform catering to the many needs of brides in the region. It is also a great opportunity to bring together all of the different kinds of beautiful products needed for weddings and showcase them to potential customers. 


Feb. 11th, 2017
Khaleej Times She's out to make a clean sweep

Astrid Ellis' firm sells organic soaps that pay tribute to Dubai buildings


Dubai has had such an innovative growth as a city that it has naturally developed an ambitious attitude that is very infectious. The fact the Shower Tower Company exists is a testament to the opportunities Dubai has given me, said Astrid Ellis, founder of Shower Tower.

The company is into making luxury soaps that are replicas of the magnificent buildings they pay tribute to. They are made by the finest soap manufacturer in Austria who have been crafting soap since the 1800s and are distributed in leading malls in Dubai. Currently, the company has launched its Burj Khalifa replica, which is highly in demand for corporate gifting.

"The initial inspiration for the Shower Tower was Dubai itself," said Ellis. "I wanted to find a unique way to pay tribute to the stunning city that I now call home. Dubai is a city of travellers, whether residents or visitors, but it can be hard to find a high quality gift or souvenir that properly captures your experience. Our soapenir is made entirely of organic, natural soap that is soft, invigorating, youthful and full of memories. Its shape honours the Burj Khalifa and is scented with rich lavender, so your whole bathroom will smell like a luxury spa." 

The key ingredient in the soap is shea butter, which is a skin 'superfood' and will moisturise and hydrate your skin. "It makes the perfect gift, whether to a loved one or yourself, and can be used on any occasion to underline your love for Dubai," said Ellis.

Ellis thinks it is an honour to live in the UAE, a nation that actively empowers women. Not only are women well-represented in the government, but there are also many initiatives that encourage female entrepreneurship. From forums, investments, mentorships and social media groups, there are multiple avenues for women to get advice and assistance in building a better life.

"It is inspirational to see so many women in positions of power, from the corporate world to the royal family, continue to achieve greatness and foster that achievement in others. It certainly made me feel inspired when it came to developing the Shower Tower," she said.

Ellis pointed out that Dubai's geographical positioning encourages residents to consider bigger dreams and grander ideas. Unlike many other countries, Dubai and the UAE provide unlimited opportunities for women to forge exciting careers and to choose more entrepreneurial routes.

It is part of the nation's aim to be a world leader that fosters encouragement of women to pursue their dreams. The melting pot of cultures brings a range of fresh perspectives and a diverse collection of characters from whom one can draw advice and support. It is an exciting time to be a business woman in the UAE, said the businesswoman.

"If you had told me 20 years ago that I would one day start a business selling luxury soapenirs in my adopted home of Dubai, I might have thought you were slightly nuts! Yet, it also seems this was a journey that was inevitable. I have always loved to travel, to experience new things, meet new people and reach for the dreams that seemed the most impossible. I was born in Germany and studied business. From there, I went into the very male-dominated world of oil and gas. From the very beginning, there was a sense that I was an outsider, as a woman, and that success might continue to elude me," said Ellis.

"Ironically, the very opposite happened. My unique approach proved to be a refreshing change and my ambition was rewarded as I continued to build a network of clients around the world. This is what brought me to Dubai in 2004. I immediately fell in love with the city and its tall buildings reminded me of my favourite childhood game, Monopoly. It turns out, it was a game well worth playing and it was this sentiment that drove me to step widely out of my comfort zone and follow my passion, founding The Shower Tower in 2016."

Advise to entrepreneurs
Ellis said it is very important to harness your passion and keep dreaming. "I think first and foremost, it is essential that you be passionate about your idea/product. Starting your own business is a huge undertaking and it will be stressful. You must have an undying passion and belief in your concept to sustain you through the difficult days and remind you why you have started on this adventure. The other thing I would recommend is to surround yourself with smart, kind people and ask for help," she suggested.

"The melting pot of Dubai and networking culture has given us all access to different types of people, all of whom might be able to offer invaluable advice and wisdom, exactly when you need it the most. Never be shy to ask for help - you won't regret it! Also, don't compromise on quality. It might be the more expensive option, but making sure you have a quality product will pay dividends in the long run," Ellis concluded.

Jan. 12th, 2017
BrideClubME The Shower Tower is luxurious and unique, just like your wedding will be.

Whether you are looking for bridesmaid’s gifts, presents to thank the in-laws or a special favour/giveaway for family and friends to remember your special day, the Shower Tower is the perfect choice!

Our bespoke ‘Soapenir’ is made exclusively from the highest quality, natural soap and is infused with a lovely lavender scent that will evoke memories of your remarkable celebration.

What could be better for those celebrating their big day in Dubai than a luxury gift for your guests, that pays tribute to one of the most iconic buildings in the world? With its invigorating Shea Butter ingredients and stunning packaging your guests will be blown away by this truly memorable Soapenir.



Dec. 18th, 2016
AL ARABIYA ENGLISH Think outside the gift box: Christmas presents to surprise jaded loved ones

Reach new heights in cleanliness

Scented bubble bath or fancy soaps are often the failsafe gift for female relatives but they get a bit boring after awhile. So why don’t you treat that special someone to some soap with a towering difference? Made with 100 per cent natural raw ingredients, the Burj Khalifa Shower Tower ‘soapenir’ will make an awesome addition to the bathroom of any relative, male or female.

Dec. 13th, 2016
Lovin Dubai 10 Practical Gifts For Your Christmas Stocking

1. The Shower Tower soap

When a souvenir meets a soap, we get this cute shea butter soapenir. 

Nov. 16th, 2016
VECHTAerLEBEN From Dubai With Love

Dubai ist die größte Stadt der Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate am Persischen Golf und die Hauptstadt des Emirats Dubai. Für viele ist es die Stadt der Superlative. Mit jährlich bis zu 14 Millionen ausländischer Touristen zählt Dubai zu den meist- besuchten Städten der Welt – und ist Heimat der ehemaligen Vechtaerin Astrid Ellis ...

Oct. 6th, 2016
The Shower Tower Lifestyle Press Release Introducing the world’s first ever Soapenir of the Burj Khalifa

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

In a world in which travelling, and living abroad, are more common than ever it can be hard to find a high quality souvenir or gift that properly captures your experience, especially in amongst a lot of poor quality items. That is exactly what inspired The Shower Tower Company. They have created the world’s first ever soapenir range that pays tribute to the iconic buildings of the world. Luckily for the UAE, their first ever Shower Tower is of the visionary Burj Khalifa.



Soapenir (noun): a souvenir made entirely of luxury, organic, natural soap that is soft, invigorating, youthful and full of memories; a unique and special gift.


Younger Looking Skin

The Shower Tower’s aren’t just a great gift or Soapenir, they are extremely good for the skin. They are made using 100% raw natural ingredients, one of which is the essential skin ‘superfood’ Shea Butter. Its unique moisturizing and hydrating properties will transform even dry skin and actually aid in the fight against ageing; which all adds up to soft, younger looking skin.


Where can you get it?

The Burj Khalifa Shower Tower can be purchased online via the Early Bird Supermarket at




For all media enquiries contact